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Writing Square

My corner of the writing universe

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Fanfiction, original fiction, and other writings written by jedimasterstar
Welcome to Writing Square

This is a comm I decided to create as a place to post my stories.

Some of them are in series, which be indicated by various tags. Feel free to browse through my archives to find stories that you may enjoy. I tend to update as often as I can. So just stay tuned.

I am also a chronic original character writer and you'll be seeing them in a lot of fandoms I write for.

You are also welcomed to put this community on your watch list for future updates. Just PLEASE do not post anything on this community. It's just for me to post on and the rest of you to enjoy.

Fandoms I write for: NCIS: Los Angeles, Doctor Who, Thor (2011), Iron Man (2008 & 2010), NCIS, CSI: NY, The Lord of the Rings

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